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The importance of our environment

Introducing a new environment to an individual can be a very uncomfortable experience as there are many unknown factors in a new space. This lack of knowledge, sudden change of setting and irregularities caused by such transitions can provoke many negative behaviors.

To remove ambiguity and discomfort, a transition plan is very important as it allow the individual to adapt in their own time and to express their new needs which may arise with a new space. This plan can consider the below points:

Introducing a user to a new space in increments throughout the week/s

Providing for a user in a new space as per capacity, needs, likes/dislikes

Allowing a user the opportunity to tailor a space to their liking

Applying consistent routine and protocols to a new space as per previous living environment

What is it

An individual’s environment is not limited to the physical space surrounding them as it also incorporates the metaphysical factors which can be identified through various senses as well as the presence of other users within the space.

The environment is capable of facilitating or discouraging interactions of an individual. An “uncomfortable” space can restrict a user and segregate them from various opportunities. Similarly a provoking space can motivate negative responses for a user as it is triggering of previous trauma and past encounters of poorly managed behaviors.

How is it managed

As every individual has a different past, capacity and need alongside interest, likes and of course dislikes, there is no one space which can be appropriate for us. For this exact reason, the more adaptable a space is the more appropriately designed it can be towards the users needs. This adaptability will promote choice and control which is fundamental for independence.

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