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Where Passion Meets Devotion

When I first began MHA Design, it was simply a place to share my passions with like minded people. I produced a document discussing all current difficulties neurodivergent individuals experience in living situations. I discovered these while working in the disability sector on field. Slowly I found myself working on new ideas whenever I had a free moment. Every instance I met a participant struggling at home, I would think of various solutions. That’s when I knew that I had to jump into it full time.

My goal is to encourage other designers to learn about this gap in our building industry. I hope to inspire, while providing tips, tricks and supportive policies to help neurodivergent individuals feel more supported. My vision is to create a shared platform amongst designers, behavior specialist and neurodivergent individuals so that we can all come together and diversify how our environment is shaped.

I hope you’ll join the MHA Design community.

Modern Architecture
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28 Church St, Ryde, NSW, 2112

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